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Welcome to King Edward VI High School for Girls's Archives

The digital archive has been made possible by the extraordinary generosity of the late Margaret Davis, a former pupil of King Edward VI High School for Girls. Margaret was a passionate supporter of the Schools of King Edward VI in Birmingham and cared greatly about the archive. She felt strongly that our records should be made accessible to a wider audience and her legacy has enabled us to create this resource.

Given the size of the archive, digitising the material is an on-going project which may take many years to complete. We appreciate your patience as we continue to scan and upload our collections.

Should you wish to support the digital archive, please contact the Foundation Archive -

Email: keviarchive@ske.uk.net

Tel: 0121 472 1147

The King Edward VI Foundation Birmingham is a charity that currently supports 2 Independent Schools, 6 Grammar Schools and 4 Community Comprehensive Schools. Please note that all of the schools are GDPR compliant and that our archive is a collection of historic content that does not reflect the current social views of the schools.

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